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Challenge Mont Ventoux 2014 :: Stop Energiestofwisselingsziekten

Challenge Mont Ventoux 2014 :: Join4Energy :: Stop Energiestofwisselingsziekten Jan Meen op de fiets naar de Mont Ventoux Gegevens Gemaakt op vrijdag 16 mei 2014 20:17 Geschreven door Jordi Kremer Op 30 mei aanstaande gaat een van onze deelnemers in het kader van ons lustrum op de fiets naar de Mont Ventoux! Een groot deel van de tocht zal hij de groene weg naar de Middellandse zee volgen. Een monstertocht van meer dan 1300 kilometer waarbij Jan alle hulp kan gebruiken. Voor Nora de Ventoux op Gegevens Gemaakt op vrijdag 02 mei 2014 21:49 Geschreven door Administrator Speciaal voor zijn zieke dochter Nora (7) beklimt Joeri Berkenbosch uit Enschede in juni de Mont Ventoux.
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Preventing Commong Running Injuries When Training For A Half Marathon

Most injuries in a half marathon are linked to the utilization of training program that is undependable. When one executes such a program she or he is subjecting himself or herself not only to poor performance but to various harms. One will not follow the training program accurately thereby resulting in harms also although in addition, there are cases where it is reliable. One must design and follow a half marathon training program that is reliable and must be aware of still possible injuries which might be encountered before, during and after the half marathon event. Below are a few of the common injuries and how you can prevent and treat them.

Harms can result because of inferior running equipment for example training shoes. Half marathon is this kind of demanding exercise that one’s body is placed by it notably the legs. Shoes that are good must have the support needed for the countless miles one will be running. Foot blisters is among the most typical injury. Blisters can compromise the race of one when they occur and would upset the normal pace for a longer duration of time. To prevent this from happening, during training you should experiment with mix of shoes, socks, drying agents, covering pads and lubricants to understand which suits you. But in case you developed a blister the best action to take is to quit and sterilize the region, empty it and then cover with a bandage.

The following common injury is a black toenail which is blood pooling under the nail. In half marathons this is usually caused by repeated injury of one’s foot sliding forward in the shoe. The gradient of the surface that is running and the kind similarly can cause harms. Chafing is also a standard injury when skin rubs against skin and this occurs. Underarms, nipples, under- thighs, groin and breast in many cases are the areas which chafe. To avoid this from happening, one should always keep these areas dry by rubbing or placing cornstarch or lubricating them with petroleum jelly.

You ought to also be mindful of food intake two days . Stomach and bowel upsets are similarly common during a half marathon. One should never eat spicy food or drink booze or any unknown. Caffeine consumption must be restricted because this may cause an issue to one’s digestive system before the half marathon and one must not overeat,. One must use only energy snacks and drink which she or he knows will not have any ill effects. It is crucial to know when one’s body needs water. The indications of dehydration are dry mouth, tiredness, dizziness, stomach ache, back pain, headache, irritability and decreased urination. If one experiences any hint of dehydration, she or he should slow down or stop and drink a sport drink or water.

Hypernatremia occurs when the body and one drinks too much fluid doesn’t have time to remove it. This dilutes the salt concentration in the cells of one that’s really dangerous. Nausea, headache, cramps, confusion, slurred speech, swollen and bloating hands are indication of hypernatremia. This is experience by runners who are drinking if they aren’t thirsty. One should never drink when she or he isn’t thirsty. It is also not unusual in competitive half marathon runners to hit the wall significance entirely running out of energy. To prevent this, you should drink full-strength sport beverage that is sugared through the event. A runner can supplement it with snacks or energy gel. Windburn and sunburn is another half marathon harm. In order to avoid this one should wear a hat with a bill to shield the face and top of head. Using a lip balm can protects lips. Sunblock should be applied to every little bit of skin.

When the experiencing dehydration and salt depletion, one should stop and the cramped muscles gently stretch and massage. A runner may also experience classic leg cramps and she or he can have aerosols for example deep heat/deep freeze deep muscle massages, and use joint support. The last common injury is a sprain ankle, pulled a stress fracture or muscles. When these happen one should discontinue with the race/event and seek medical attention.

How Much Time Should Go Into Your Half Marathon Training Plan

The period of time needed to train for a first half marathon depends upon a number of variables. But among the reasons for the popularity is that the majority of individuals are able to compete in their first occasion within a comparatively short period of time – often as little as 3 months.

The notion of running a complete, 26.2 mile marathon is something which is exceptionally daunting for most of us. But enormous half marathon training plan numbers of folks of all ages that have participated in them, and the proliferation of half marathons, reveals how achievable they are for normal individuals.

The basic notion of training for any event is what’s called progressive overload. Start with what you can do. Many beginners likely have not run in years, although many people may have the capacity to run. In which case they should start with walking. You may be thinking that walking won’t do you much good, but for those who haven’t participated in any kind of exercise for some time you, walking for 30 minutes a day every day of the week will start to make noticeable differences to your body in only a couple of weeks. You’ll be able to go and still not get so out of breath. And you will likely start to lose a few pounds, as long as you’ven’t started treating yourself to a pizza every day as a benefit for all that exercise!

One of the wonderful things about mass involvement half marathons is that everybody is in the same boat. Certainly there are the elite runners at the front who want to set a world record. But you likely will not see them except on the TV highlights. The large bulk will be individuals like you – who want to get healthy and have a bit of enjoyable, perhaps raising some money for their favourite charity in route. They are not so competitive that it becomes a drain. And a genuinely life improving boost is given by the common endurance, and of course cheering crowd of spectators,. There is no pressure to attain a specific time, other than that which you put upon yourself.

So, if the circuit to get round before the organisers put away the cones (generally 4 hours) most people can finish enough training in several months. If you are a little more competitive and are aiming for 2 or 2.5 hours, 6 months should give you all the time you have to build up your endurance and speed, steadily each week. If you want to break the world record, it’ll almost surely take just a little longer!

Preventing Heat-related Injuries When Training For A Half Marathon

Running in a half marathon requires one to be prepare psychologically and physically. When one trains for it, he/she must take many things into consideration – the gear to be used, the condition of the weather, the potential harms he or she might get and how he/she would find a way to avert or treat these injuries. A runner’s body temperature would be many┬ádegrees warmer once he or she begins running. So the runner has to be prepared for changes like this.

Among the common heat associated affliction which there is during the race a runner experience heat cramps. These are cramps which happen during and after in the muscles. Loss of electrolytes and water and lactic acid are the reasons for this. The calves and quadriceps are often changed though stomach cramps also happen.

Heat cramps can be discovered when one feels spasms or cramps in the muscles and the runner or one is profusely sweating. Some experience vomiting, fatigue and nausea. To avoid heat cramps, one must take in water or any sports drink before, during and after.

Generally individuals who are used to warm weathers and well hydrated rarely experience heat cramps. In case one experience a heat cramp, he drink water or sports drink, or she should stop running and attempt kneading the area which causes the pain. You can resume running once the cramps quit but in a speed that is slow.

Another issue experience by runners in half marathons is heat exhaustion. What’s heat exhaustion? Well, heat exhaustion is when a base runner is unable to sweat enough to cool their body. Commonly it occurs when someone is exercising in warm weather, sweats so much and does not take in enough fluids to replace the reduction liquids.

This is caused the loss of electrolytes or by dehydration. How does one understand he is experiencing heat exhaustion? Exhaustion, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, feeling of weakness, decreased significant sweating, coordination and sometime the blood pressure becomes quite low are symptoms.

If a person experiences the symptoms she or he should try to find a cool place to remain and rest. To avoid this, one must make certain that he or she drinks lots of water before, during and after training or race.

The third kind of illness encounter by runners which is heat related is the heatstroke. A heatstroke is a critical medical condition and it can happen when someone is exercising or running in a warm or hot place. When the body of the smuggler is unable to regulate its own temperature therefore a heatstroke normally ensues, the temperature keeps on growing.

Individuals who experience this sweat heavily and the body emits more than it can lose making the body temperature of the person rise to high degrees. There are also other causes from infections or temperature, high blood pressure, not used to heat and a number of drugs for example amphetamines and these are.

You can detect a heatstroke from insufficient sweating, red and dry skin, altered consciousness, confusion, convulsions/seizures, high body temperature, and trouble in breathing. To prevent heatstroke from occurring, one must seek medical attention. While waiting, one or she must rest in place that is cool and apply ice or cold water in different areas of the body.

Five Winning Strategies To Use For Half Marathons

Half marathons, also called 21K runs, have been gaining popularity over the years for many of motives. Half marathons not give added training for full marathons to you but additionally they keep you inspired to run.

Getting prepared for a 21K run may not be as grueling as getting prepared for a full marathon but it still it still requires you realize modest, realistic goals and to stick with a strict program. If nothing else, half marathons give bragging rights that are new to you before you even start training for a complete run.

Check out these 5 amazing half marathon courses you can join to stay jogging:

Disney Princess Half Marathon

There is more effective at bringing you back to your youth than Disneyland and no place more magical. So it is one of the most early runs of the year the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend normally happens in February.

That is a women’s run and participants are encouraged to run inside their most sparkly princess outfits. Each mile marker has an iconic Disney character to cheer you on so be sure to bring a small camera! The best part is they even allow you to run through the fortress. The runner’s fee is a little pricey but you get all kinds of Disney goodies at the end of your run together with your finisher’s medal.

The Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon

This course is elegance at its best! There is nothing more refreshing than having your run on a road beside perfect, picturesque wineries. You may see two or a cow mooing and cheering you on in the nearby farms. You can see the unique side of some runners as they participate in full costumes, since it is considered a Halloween event.

Supporters and spectators also appreciate the music and wine festival two hours. Runners get their wine opportunity along the course, also, so no one is left out! The only sad thing about this 21K is that it begins late in the year in October. The prize money isn’t enormous but you get a magnum of wine. This course is typically finished by runners about five to six hours normally.

Honey Badger Half Marathon

For those that prefer things a little more rugged, another half marathon happening in October is the Honey Badger Race called the Sasquatch Race. The precise distance of this race is slightly shorter when compared with other half marathon courses but the path is made up of lots of up hills. Be ready for a little bit of battle.

The entire path runs through the local hills and the shorelines of Peacock Gap Neighborhood Park and China Camp State Park. Perfect for those who enjoy having the woods because of their heritage while and the water running. All participants get a free oatmeal cookie and a beer upon finishing the race.

Safaricom Marathon

Those of us desiring to travel and do great at exactly the same time can save up for the Safaricom Marathon happening in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya in June. Run for the benefit of the creatures and the country’s schools. You’ll be honored by being in constant amazement of the great African outdoors.

You’ll be certain to see wildlife species while going around the course twice. Remain in a tent after the race where clean, cold water and firewood is abundant for a whole experience. Pack smart in regards to your clothing. Temperatures each morning and afternoon vary considerably.

Considered one of most joyful places on the planet, and the cleanest, safest, it is no surprise that even runners flock to this nation for one of the largest running events in the world.


The GoteborgsVarvet Half Marathon is held in Goteborg, one of the most amazing cities in Sweden. GoteborgsVarvet is a huge festival -like marathon with! Take in the sights as you travel along one of Sweden’s most beautiful park, bridges, and harbour. No ridiculous finisher’s trinkets by the end of the line but it will be one heck of an experience!

If these 5 amazing half marathon courses don’t inspire you to take your running seriously, then nothing will. Start plotting your goals and planning your program. Keep running!