Five Winning Strategies To Use For Half Marathons

Half marathons, also called 21K runs, have been gaining popularity over the years for many of motives. Half marathons not give added training for full marathons to you but additionally they keep you inspired to run.

Getting prepared for a 21K run may not be as grueling as getting prepared for a full marathon but it still it still requires you realize modest, realistic goals and to stick with a strict program. If nothing else, half marathons give bragging rights that are new to you before you even start training for a complete run.

Check out these 5 amazing half marathon courses you can join to stay jogging:

Disney Princess Half Marathon

There is more effective at bringing you back to your youth than Disneyland and no place more magical. So it is one of the most early runs of the year the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend normally happens in February.

That is a women’s run and participants are encouraged to run inside their most sparkly princess outfits. Each mile marker has an iconic Disney character to cheer you on so be sure to bring a small camera! The best part is they even allow you to run through the fortress. The runner’s fee is a little pricey but you get all kinds of Disney goodies at the end of your run together with your finisher’s medal.

The Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon

This course is elegance at its best! There is nothing more refreshing than having your run on a road beside perfect, picturesque wineries. You may see two or a cow mooing and cheering you on in the nearby farms. You can see the unique side of some runners as they participate in full costumes, since it is considered a Halloween event.

Supporters and spectators also appreciate the music and wine festival two hours. Runners get their wine opportunity along the course, also, so no one is left out! The only sad thing about this 21K is that it begins late in the year in October. The prize money isn’t enormous but you get a magnum of wine. This course is typically finished by runners about five to six hours normally.

Honey Badger Half Marathon

For those that prefer things a little more rugged, another half marathon happening in October is the Honey Badger Race called the Sasquatch Race. The precise distance of this race is slightly shorter when compared with other half marathon courses but the path is made up of lots of up hills. Be ready for a little bit of battle.

The entire path runs through the local hills and the shorelines of Peacock Gap Neighborhood Park and China Camp State Park. Perfect for those who enjoy having the woods because of their heritage while and the water running. All participants get a free oatmeal cookie and a beer upon finishing the race.

Safaricom Marathon

Those of us desiring to travel and do great at exactly the same time can save up for the Safaricom Marathon happening in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya in June. Run for the benefit of the creatures and the country’s schools. You’ll be honored by being in constant amazement of the great African outdoors.

You’ll be certain to see wildlife species while going around the course twice. Remain in a tent after the race where clean, cold water and firewood is abundant for a whole experience. Pack smart in regards to your clothing. Temperatures each morning and afternoon vary considerably.

Considered one of most joyful places on the planet, and the cleanest, safest, it is no surprise that even runners flock to this nation for one of the largest running events in the world.


The GoteborgsVarvet Half Marathon is held in Goteborg, one of the most amazing cities in Sweden. GoteborgsVarvet is a huge festival -like marathon with! Take in the sights as you travel along one of Sweden’s most beautiful park, bridges, and harbour. No ridiculous finisher’s trinkets by the end of the line but it will be one heck of an experience!

If these 5 amazing half marathon courses don’t inspire you to take your running seriously, then nothing will. Start plotting your goals and planning your program. Keep running!

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