Preventing Heat-related Injuries When Training For A Half Marathon

Running in a half marathon requires one to be prepare psychologically and physically. When one trains for it, he/she must take many things into consideration – the gear to be used, the condition of the weather, the potential harms he or she might get and how he/she would find a way to avert or treat these injuries. A runner’s body temperature would be many degrees warmer once he or she begins running. So the runner has to be prepared for changes like this.

Among the common heat associated affliction which there is during the race a runner experience heat cramps. These are cramps which happen during and after in the muscles. Loss of electrolytes and water and lactic acid are the reasons for this. The calves and quadriceps are often changed though stomach cramps also happen.

Heat cramps can be discovered when one feels spasms or cramps in the muscles and the runner or one is profusely sweating. Some experience vomiting, fatigue and nausea. To avoid heat cramps, one must take in water or any sports drink before, during and after.

Generally individuals who are used to warm weathers and well hydrated rarely experience heat cramps. In case one experience a heat cramp, he drink water or sports drink, or she should stop running and attempt kneading the area which causes the pain. You can resume running once the cramps quit but in a speed that is slow.

Another issue experience by runners in half marathons is heat exhaustion. What’s heat exhaustion? Well, heat exhaustion is when a base runner is unable to sweat enough to cool their body. Commonly it occurs when someone is exercising in warm weather, sweats so much and does not take in enough fluids to replace the reduction liquids.

This is caused the loss of electrolytes or by dehydration. How does one understand he is experiencing heat exhaustion? Exhaustion, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, feeling of weakness, decreased significant sweating, coordination and sometime the blood pressure becomes quite low are symptoms.

If a person experiences the symptoms she or he should try to find a cool place to remain and rest. To avoid this, one must make certain that he or she drinks lots of water before, during and after training or race.

The third kind of illness encounter by runners which is heat related is the heatstroke. A heatstroke is a critical medical condition and it can happen when someone is exercising or running in a warm or hot place. When the body of the smuggler is unable to regulate its own temperature therefore a heatstroke normally ensues, the temperature keeps on growing.

Individuals who experience this sweat heavily and the body emits more than it can lose making the body temperature of the person rise to high degrees. There are also other causes from infections or temperature, high blood pressure, not used to heat and a number of drugs for example amphetamines and these are.

You can detect a heatstroke from insufficient sweating, red and dry skin, altered consciousness, confusion, convulsions/seizures, high body temperature, and trouble in breathing. To prevent heatstroke from occurring, one must seek medical attention. While waiting, one or she must rest in place that is cool and apply ice or cold water in different areas of the body.

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